A Partnership for Transformative Girls' Education

We are an independently governed faith-based partnership building a community where all girls and women live in safety, have the education needed to earn a living wage, and the opportunities to build a secure future. We believe in the power of girls’ education, the potential of girls and the possibility of transformation. Education empowers girls  to exercise their agency, make their voice heard, and access their first leadership opportunities. Our transformative services are trauma-informed, holistic, integrated and sustainable.

Towards Girl Empowerment

We help clients girls reach their potential by alleviating challenges such as low self esteem, early pregnancies, child labor, gender based violence and child marriages

School Improvement
& Community Engagement

We work to remove barriers within schools and the community to educating girls such as cultural practices and norms, school infrastructure and teacher approaches.

Policy & Advocacy

We lobby and advocate for changes in policies integral to equitable access to quality education of girls such as school re-entry after pregnancy, resource allocation, prevention of gender-based violence etc.

Committed to keeping girls in school

BPE works to ensure that every girl child receives quality basic education, prioritizing the poorest and the most vulnerable in Africa. BPE also advocates for better pathways for holistic education and formation and suggests policy responses to the crisis of education in Africa. We care about girls child education because:

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Our Key Activities

A tripartite interventions program and campaign comprising mobilization and advocacy with Teachers/Head teachers Unions, National and district organizations for traditional, leaders and the media around best practices, plans, codes of conduct, school and community policies and bylaws which address barriers and protect girls as well as provide role models.

Basic Supplies of Personal Effects

Economically vulnerable pupils who have no access to basic needs like toiletries are identified and provided with the needed supplies.

Second Chance Education

Out of school girls (from targeted schools) identified and provided with second chance education opportunities through functional literacy and numeracy programmes which includes parenting education.

Life Skills Education

Life skills education that incorporates Relationship and sex education for both in and out of school girls will be provided through specially adapted curricula that are contextual and in keeping with local values.

Adolescent Leadership

Adolescent girls are informed and empowered to participate and take on leadership positions within the school and the community.

Reduced Gender-based Violence

Reduced violence against girls in targeted schools and communities & effective referral pathways in place

Teacher Training

Teacher attitudes and skills are improved/ enhanced to effectively deliver life skills based and gender responsive methodologies


Catholic Sisters are empowered in undertaking local, national and international advocacy around access to quality education by all girls (SDG 4 & 5).

Our Partners

Supported by:

Inspiring Stories

We identify the neediest girls in the community and provide back to school fees and other basic supplies required for them to attend classes.  This project targets girls who come from disadvantaged socio-economic status.

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Fr. Charles Chilyfya, S.J

Talking about the BPE program and its Gender Responsive and Transformative approach to Education

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Sr. Kate Mulwa & Voices of Kenya Beneficiaries

Sr. Kate shares on her role as BPE Kenya co-ordinator while the girls share about their transformative journey since BPE stepped in to assist.